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About Parva Tejarat Company

The management team of this company started its official activities in Naeimi Trading Co. in 2005. After expanding their activities in new fields, they founded Parva Tejarat Asia Co. (The Privately Held Company) with the registration No. 13107 in 2010.

Taking advantage of its managers’ experiences and experienced and expert personnel in the field of different trading services and the clearance of the goods, the company has tried to provide its customers  with the specialized services as best as possible.

The company, taking into consideration the slogan of customer oriented policy, has always been committed to offer the best services.

The main target of the company is to offer the optimal services to overcome the businessmen’s problems in the fields of importing, exporting, clearing goods from customs, and stripping.

One of the main advantages of this company is to have its headquarters in Bandar Abbas and its representative offices in other ports of the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the declaration of goods?

The declaration of goods is a written or oral statement based on customs codes which the declarant specifies the customs procedure for the goods and submits the required information for the implementation of the customs regulations.

What is the INCOTERM Ex-work?

The term Ex-work means that the seller makes the goods available at the buyer’s disposal at his place of work (i.e. his workshop, factory, warehouse, etc.) so that it is not cleared for export and is not loaded on the consignee’s vehicle. The declaration is to be set up CIF for the clearance from the customs.

Therefore, the term Ex-work indicates the minimum obligations for the seller and the buyer is responsible for all costs and risks related to the goods after receiving the goods at the seller’s location.

Of course, if both parties are willing that the seller assumes the responsibility of loading the goods for transportation and accepts the risks and costs of loading, it needs to be clarified by adding explicit relevant clauses in the sales contract. In such a condition, the term of “delivery of goods at due location” is to be applied providing that the seller agrees FCA price which means he will load the goods at his own expense and responsibility.

What documents and evidences are required for export?
  1. Supplying the Commercial Card from the Ministry of the Commerce
  2. Supplying the permission to export (when the Ministry of Commerce has not announced a general agreement to export the respected commodity)
  3. Supplying the certificate of health and quarantine (livestock and plants – as per case)
  4. The standard certificate (if the product is subject to the standard obligatory regulations for export)
  5. The certificate of nuclear energy (as per case); these permissions are called customary certificates, too.
  6. Preparing Packing Lists when the cargo includes different commodities)

Customers’ opinion

A few comments made by the customers of Parvat Tejarat Co

amade tejarat

Reliability and customer’s confidentiality by the company are the reasons for the mutual long cooperation

Nersi Samsami / Amade Tejarat Company

The speed, precision and reliability are the features of Parva Trade Asia.

Amir Hosseini / PaperandWood

The exporting goods from Iran are sent by this company to China at competitive prices and remarkable speed.


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